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Legal & Commercial Services

Trademarks, Patents, Designs & Copyrights

We are one of the renowned IP firm in Pakistan with new concepts for providing a full range of legal services relating to Intellectual Property Law. 

Our patents, Designs, trade / service mark and Copyrights practice offers a wide range of services, which includes trade mark portfolio management strategies, registration of trade / service marks, brand policing, trade mark and domain name disputes and oppositions; advisory and transactional work, civil litigation related to Intellectual property rights and anti-counterfeiting campaigns.

At the same time we emphasis on the protection and exploitation of vested rights of our clients in Intellectual property Rights by our technically qualified team of attorneys and lawyers having in-depth local and multijurisdictional expertise in advising and resolving their disputes arising in such matters.

The firm has prosecuted service mark and trademark infringement suits, design & patent infringement cases and counterfeiting actions on behalf of national and International diverse clients.

Anti Counterfeiting

We provide specialized services to our clients in developing and responding to anti counterfeiting of trademark and domain name enforcement strategies to traditional and nontraditional businesses concerns. Protecting intellectual property rights often requires the ability to move quickly to seize and impound counterfeit goods and to obtain injunctive relief against infringers.

We work closely with law enforcement agencies in Pakistan and through other associates in other territories to deal with counterfeiting, trademarks, parallel importation problems and unfair competition problems.


Another emerging practice area for LCCI is handling complex civil litigation on behalf of clients. It enjoys an excellent reputation in the legal community for its professionalism and dedication in handling challenging precedent-setting litigation. LCCI has represented clients in numerous litigation claims of high-profile matters that were resolved successfully, including innumerable actions involving Commercial matters, infringement and passing off cases, Oppositions and rectification proceeding in Intellectual property and appeals against the orders of Registrar of trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and Designs.

Whether for the petitioners or on defense, LCCI brings an unparalleled expertise and knowledge of the law to the service of its clients.

Trade and custom laws

Our experienced lawyers having a vast knowledge of rules and procedures advice on import and export laws, valuation product safety, packaging and labeling, parallel imports and importation of counterfeited goods within Pakistan and with the help of our international associates in other territories. We represent our clients before the national custom authorities, administrative courts, Tribunals and higher courts to safeguard their valuable rights by providing solution on the issues affecting their business.

The firm provides advice on International trade and Customs issues including trade barrier regulation, anti-dumping duties and on environmental regulations affecting trade.

Corporate & Commercial Advisory

LCCI is proud of rendering top quality legal and personalized corporate and commercial law services to a diverse array of corporate clients on a wide variety of matters ranging from corporate formation to private placements and securities compliance covering all aspects of client’s commercial needs.

Our firm is often called upon to provide advice and opinion on various aspects such as drafting agreements, structuring various transactions, commercial laws, commercial agencies, franchising and other commercial aspects.

We also frequently advise on agreements for franchising, strategy, e-commerce, sales, manufacturing, distribution, supply and wide range of other commercial agreements.

Banking & Finance

LCCI provides Advisory, documentation and litigation services including Banking transactions, real estate, litigation, arbitration, building and commercial contracts to banks and financial institutions.


As lead counsel or co-counsel in a number of high-profile matters, LCCI has prevailed in litigation and / or arbitration against some of the corporate defendants and law firms within and outside the country. Our Litigation & Arbitration practice is highly valued by our clients and considered as most diverse practice area of the firm.

Dispute Resolution

Our firm provides high-quality dispute resolution services in all forms from project management to corporate governance advice, investigations, litigation, Alternate Dispute Resolution and arbitration.  

We pride our genuine and honest advice to our clients with full knowledge and understanding of variety of local laws procedures and systems.

Competition law

We combine our legal know-how with in-depth understanding of the economics of the sector to deliver advice which is often at the cutting edge of industry developments.
The firm specializes on the competition law and intellectual property emerging Rights interface.  Our firm has advised and worked on complaints, defenses and claims in relation to the competition law and an intellectual property context. 

We concentrate on International Outsourcing Practice and extend our services to our valued clients from public and private sectors.  We have our trust worthy partners from multi-jurisdictions having full technical knowledge and vast experience in Intellectual property, anti-counterfeiting, trade and customs, corporate and Finance, competition and dispute resolution.

Our team enjoys remarkable reputation which is based on deep sector knowledge and a genuine understanding of the respective market laws and business cultures prevailed in the market.

The associates at LCCI are experienced attorneys and legal advisors of different categories. All attorneys of LCCI are graduates of top law schools well capable of handling legal and social matters being committed to representing progressive social interests and causes through legal activism and litigation.

With unflinching tenacity and commitment to professional excellence, associates of LCCI represent clients in a range of business, litigation contexts where it has obtained highly favorable results both as plaintiff and on the defense.

Clients Spectrum

Dedicated to the success of clients, the firm is reputed for providing prompt, practical, cost effective, highly professional and personally tailored services to its clients. Our clients include local and multinational corporations, private and public listed companies, banks, financial institutions, property developers and manufacturers.

Our international affiliations and associations enable us to meet our clients' needs regardless of their geographical locations and statuses in a trustworthy and cost effective manner. LCCI has represented a large number of individual and business clients in various cities of Pakistan and across the borders.

Our quality, our integrity and our international scope - combined with a strong client service culture and a business oriented, problem-solving approach - make us the law firm of choice for yours business. 

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