Legal & Commercial Consultants International (LCCI) is a premier law firm established during the year 1990 in Lahore. The firm was one of the pioneers in the field of Intellectual Property (IP) rights at that time. With our dedication and commitment, we are now recognised as one of the finest and most competent law firm by our valued local & international clients. While meeting remarkably wide range of legal needs, we have been counsel and co-counsel to number of leading corporations within and beyond the boundaries of Pakistan. In addition to Pakistan, we also have office based in London, UK providing IP consultancy services. Moreover, we have been successful over the period of years in offering specialized services to our foreign clients and take pride in our exceptional results-oriented achievements.


Our associates are highly experienced legal advisors who give real-world practical advice and have a solid understanding of Commercial and IP laws. All attorneys of our firm are graduates of top law schools and well capable of handling legal and social matters being committed to representing progressive social interests and causes through legal activism and litigation. With unflinching tenacity and commitment to professional excellence, associates of LCCI represent clients in a range of business, litigation contexts where it has obtained highly favourable results both as plaintiff and on the Défense.